Frens Wemmenhove

Frens is the oldest member of the team of  “The Voorsprong stables”. Which makes him the person with the most experience and knowledge about breeding, feeding, training and the selection of the finest horses for our stables. Frens Wemmenhove is the breeder of the legendary stallion Willem van Nassau, founder of the Barock Pinto Studbook. He also is the breeder of many very successful Friesian horses. If you would like to see a selection of these famous horses, you could take a look at our “Wall of Fame”.

Arnold Wemmenhove

Arnold has an eye for finding the most talented horses in many disciplines. In the last ten years, he has sold many champions (Friesians) to places all over the world. Arnold has worked exclusively with Susan Slaviro from in the USA. Together they owned the famous Friesian approved stallions Tietse 428 and Champion older stallions 2017 Mewes 438. Arnold sold an exported the first Friesian horses to Pam and Matt Gish, Signature Friesians, for their successful breeding program. If you’re looking for that one special horse, you can contact Arnold Wemmenhove.

Melanie Wemmenhove

Melanie is our dressage trainer. Melanie is very dedicated to her study at the University of Groningen. After achieving her Master (Cum Laude) Dutch Laws, she is still determined to achieve a Master in Tax Law. Besides school, she educates our young, talented horses dressage from Beginning level to fourth level. Melanie has tought the basics dressage skills to horses like Trilogy (St. Pre-George, Sold to Mexico), Double Trouble (St. Pre-George, Sold to Germany). Her new St. Pre-George prospect is Lukas.

Bibi Wemmenhove

Bibi is the youngest member of the team of “The Voorsprong stables”. Right now, she is still in High School. Besides her great passion for horses, she is also a rock chick. She likes to sing, play guitar and start a band. Her talent at the Voorsprong Stables is preparing mares and stallions for the keuring and shows. She is making sure the horses are in the best condition and state of mind, so they can excel at the keuring and shows. Her favorite horse at the stables is Obsession B, her 21-year old pinto jumper.

Lianne Koopmans

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