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Bontfire XX06

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Allard BP21

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Bouke BP30

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The first time when we saw Zospecial, as a baby, at the breeder’s stables (Hetty Smilda) we also saw potention and talent. So we immediately bought Zospecial. We raised and trained him, and he became approved stallion at the AES Studbook. After one successful year of breeding at The Voorsprong Stables, Zospecial was sold to England. Right now, Zospecial is attending dressage at a high level and he is still breeding in South Afrika.

Mewes 438

Arnold and Gerrit Stelwagen bought Mewes 438 as a yearling. Gerrit Stelwagen raised Mewes 438 at Boreel Stables and later, Arnold trained him for the Friesian Stallion Show. Mewes 438 became an approved stallion. After one very successful year of breeding at The Voorsprong Stables, Mewes 438 was sold to his new owner. Mewes 438 is approved on offspring and was the Champion of the older stallions in 2017.

Olgert 445

Arnold and Mathias Kupfer bought Olgert 445  as a two-year old stallion from the breeder J. van ’t Ende. Arnold trained and prepared Olgert 445 for the Friesian stallion show where he was labeled as an Approved Friesian stallion. After one successful breeding year at The Voorsprong Stables, Olgert 445 was sold to his new owner. Olgert 445 is Intermediaire II dressage, father of many talented dressage Friesians and approved on offspring.

Tietse 428

Together with Susan Slaviro, we bought Tietse 428 from the breeder M. Doller (also the breeder of Leffert 306). Tietse 428 is the first stallion to be approved at the Friesian Studbook on his achievements in the higher level dressage. He also was the first approved Friesian stallion to perform at Grand Prix level dressage. In six years of breeding at The Voorsprong Stables, Tietse 428 has produced more than a thousand offsprings. This number shows the amount of trust many Friesian breeders have in Tietse 428. Unfortunately, the studbook didn’t. Without further explanation, the studbook unapproved Tietse 428. There are more than sixty Friesian stallions, which are approved on offspring, with a lower breeding value than Tietse 428. Thats a fact. Tietse 428 is and always will be the king of The Voorsprong Stables, and that’s also a fact!


Trilogy was born and raised at The Voorsprong Stables. Melanie trained him until he was six years of age and fourth level dressage. Then he went to Bennie van Es for further training. At seven years old, he was the youngest and most successful Friesian horse at PSG level dressage. We presented him for approval to the Friesian Studbook. But unfortunately, the Studbook looked straight through his prestations and talent and didn’t approve him. We sold Trilogy to a 65-years old dressage rider in Mexico and he is still performing, and promoting the Friesian breed.

Willem van Nassau

Frens and Arnold Wemmenhove wanted to bring the Barock Pinto breed back into the picture. And so they bred Willem van Nassau, the founder of the Barock Pinto Studbook. As a three year old, Willem got Licensed by the AHS Studbook. In 2009, Arnold started the Barock Pinto Studbook with Willem van Nassau in mind as the ideal Barock Pinto Horse. Willem performed at Grand Prix Level Dressage with his rider Bennie van Es. Willem is also known for performing one year in the biggest european equine horse show Appasionata. Right now, Willem is retired and a schoolmaster dressage in the America. Willem is a legend. We guarantee you, that in a honderd years, people will still be talking about this legendary horse!

Maurits BP10

We bought Maurits BP10 as a foal from the breeder together with T. Solberg from Norway. He stayed at The Voorsprong Stables until he was two years old, he then went to Norway for the Barock Pinto breeding program of T. Solberg. As a four year old, he got approved at the Barock Pinto Studbook. In Norway, Maurits BP10 learned the dressage basics. When Maurits BP10 was six years of age, Tonje decided that Maurits BP10 had to use his potential for the higher dressage, so he went Bennie van Es for further training and Tonje became the full owner of Maurits BP10. Last years, Maurits BP10 has been very successful in the PSG level dressage, Intermediare I and II. And soon he’ll make his Grand Prix debut. Maurits BP10 became champion of the 2014 and 2015 Barock Pinto Stallion Show.

Eye Catcher

Eye Catcher was born and raised at The Voorsprong Stables. As a three-year old, GPB stables bought Eye Cather. His pedigree is unique, his father is our Tietse 428, his mother is our KWPN breeding mare Melanie (Belisar x Pion). Besides of Eye Catcher, GPB stables has also bought two full brothers of him. Eye Catcher his perfect silhouette and his outstanding talent makes him for sure an Eye Catcher in the dressage arena. At the moment, he is PSG dressage and soon his outstanding talent will bring him further to the Grand Prix level dressage.

Model Mares

In the past, we’ve advised and helped new breeders in many different country’s with selecting the best mares for their breeding programs. We sold and exported the mares as foals, youngsters and adults. Many of them achieved good results at multiple shows (keurings) worldwide. Some of these mares achieved the highest status for mares at the friesian studbook, Model. The next model mares are selected, sold and some trained, by us.

  •   Sjieke Dame (V. Feitse 293) USA
  •   Earth Angel TCB (V. Mewes 438) DK
  •   Rieka H. (V. Leffert 306) USA
  •   Raisa D. (V. Sierk 326) USA

Double Trouble

Double Trouble was born and raised at The Voorsprong Stables. Double Trouble his mother is Ria. We bought Ria as a foal, we raised her and she became a Star mare. Ria was sold to St. Sortemosegaard (DK.). There she became a Kroon and Sport mare.  Melanie trained him until he was six years of age and fourth level dressage. Then he went to Bennie van Es for further training. We presented him for approval to the Friesian Studbook. But unfortunately, the Studbook didn’t approve him. We sold Double Trouble to Germany.

Boudewijn BP26

We bought Boudewijn BP26, then called Willem II van de Meulenpad, as a foal from breeder Jansen. We directly saw his amazing movements and beautiful confirmation. We sold him as a foal to Susan Slaviro from the USA. Boudewijn BP26 got approved at the Barock Pinto Keuring in Helmet, CA. USA with an outstanding high score of 47 points. Boudewijn BP26 is a son from Willem van Nassau. We are proud to see that horses selected, bought our bred by us are successful in multiple country’s all over the world.

Peter BP04

We bought Peter BP04 from the breeder as a foal. He already was outstandingly beautiful and he had extremely great movements. When he was three years old, he got approved at the Barock Pinto Studbook with an incredible score of 47.5 points. After two years of breeding at The Voorsprong Stables, Peter BP04 was sold to Susan Slaviro (USA). Peter BP04 is the first Barock Pinto stallion who is approved on offspring. He is a big promoter for the Barock Pinto breed in the USA. Peter BP04 is a son of Willem van Nassau.