Tietse’s Choiche Saddles

Arnold is de man achter het bekende TC zadels. Hij heeft de afgelopen 20 jaar gewerkt om het perfecte zadel voor ruiter en Barokke paarden te ontwikkelen. Er zijn 3 modellen leverbaar, TC EquiLibrio, TC Final en het nieuwste model de TC W1NNER.

Wil meer informatie over TC (Tietse’s Choiche) zadels stuur mij dan een WhatsAp.

The TC Saddles fits perfect at Barok horses.
Our panels are min 5 cm smaller than other dressage saddles.
Saddle length, especially for Friesians, is an issue I have been noticing more and more in the past few years, as breeding seems to have really concentrated on making somewhat more compact, i.e., shorter-backed, horses. This is especially prevalent in the baroque style horse, which includes Lusitanos, PREs and Andalusians, but also in the Friesians and modern type warmbloods.

One common saddle fitting issue faced by these breeds is that the panels on dressage saddles often are too long for their backs. In order that these horses may develop to their fullest potential, and work willingly, happily and without pain, it is crucial that they have a saddle with panels that are the correct length for their backs, without impinging on the ovaries or the kidneys.

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